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  • Anthozoa Digitalis | joanaburd

    experiences Other video Resultados de busca Anthozoa Digitalis, 2020 Ilana Bonder & Joana Burd Interactive installation Interactive installation with augmented reality technology that invites the audience to touch with their

  • Earth Pulse | joanaburd

    EarthPulse, 2021 Artists: Darya Efrat (IL), Joana Burd (BR) e João Dias-Oliveira (PT) Technique: Mixed-media Installation tectonic plates and their continuous dissemination of energy closer to us, as a way to reflect on risk and instability What instability does the movement of the earth present? How vulnerable are we?

  • Where do the bubbles go | joanaburd

    Video installation. Loop 2 ' 48 x 42 x 36 cm Video installation, where I place myself in profile inside a box making soap

  • Portfolio Joana Burd

    Sound Art Installations Art Residencies Vibration Formigario Sonoro, 2023 Biohybrid Buzz, 2022-23 Formigario

  • Silent Mode | joanaburd

    chatterboxes Other objects and experiences Other video Resultados de busca Silent mode, 2019 sound art installation It is possible to feel the installation through cochlear (auditory) and bone (tactile) listening. of the work encourages silence, we witness a landscape of noise in 5.1 surround audio. ​ 1/1 For the installation's individual audio channels, resulting in a sensory and perceptive engaged zone for those who are in the installation

  • Tactame | joanaburd

    project: This project (Tacta'm) is an intervention on the street that has also been adapted as an indoor installation

  • The chatterboxes | joanaburd

    chatterboxes Other objects and experiences Other video Resultados de busca The chatterboxes, 2014 Sound art Installation stethoscopes, 5 mp3's, 5 recycled wood cases, matte acrylic, black acrylic paint. 14 x 17 x 27 cm (each) Installation

  • CV Joana Burd

    Collaborative Projects ​ 2022 - "Tactame" Installation - DelMig Collective: Blanca Somoza, Helena Gali Main artist Leo Caobelli, BR. 2020-21 - Earth Pulse Art Installation project - com Darya Efrat e João PT. 2019 – Art installation “Porn Oasis” with the artist Leo Caobelli. 2019 – Video mapping and photo “Will of execution” with the artist Cadu Peixoto. 2015 - Video-Installation “para PerroLibre “ with the artists Cadu Peixoto, Cacau Weimer, Gabriela Stragliotto e Priscila Kisiolar. 2014 – Sound Installation

  • They say Brazil is polarized | joanaburd

    with polarizing filters. 150 x 120 x 155 cm ​ "They say that Brazil is polarized” is an interactive installation

  • Other objects and experiences | joanaburd

    Dual screen glass projection 240 x 140 cm ​ Alberto Semeler e Joana Burd The fugitive, 2016 Techno-Installation

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