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Joana Burd and Laura Pujol

They say Brazil is polarized, 2019

LCD-hacked monitor, notebook, wireless keyboard, printed magnifying glass with polarizing filters.

150 x 120 x 155 cm

"They say that Brazil is polarized” is an interactive installation composed of a hacked monitor, a notebook a wireless keyboard and laser printed magnifying glass. The art work invites the public to type in text software created by us, and to manipulate the magnifying glass objects that reveal the image of the monitor.


In addition to proposing interaction with writing, it is through the magnifying glass that the mirror image of the screen is discovered - a webcam positioned in front of the writer.


In this technological gadget designed by artists Joana Burd and Laura Pujol, the image is revealed as a double mirror - the audience is reflected and writes reflections at the same time. The work was designed especially for Casa Baka's Registro no.3 exhibition also consists of an analyzer device of a supposed or evident polarity of Brazil.

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