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Anthozoa Digitalis, 2020

Ilana Bonder & Joana Burd

Interactive installation with AR.

Interactive installation with augmented reality technology that invites the audience to touch with their eyes. An empty environment becomes visually tactile through a virtual organism that appears as the user walks. Touch is invoked through colors, textures, objects and sounds. In a parallel reality, this living organism reacts virtually to each user differently. In these times of social distance, our digital communication is carried out through the 'visual organ', as well as through touch, that is, with the fingers, in the phenomenon of the touchscreen. In this experience, the touch and the route are guidelines for the discovery of a new virtual world, or even an interior to be unveiled.


Images of Aveiro Criatech Digital creativity & technology. October 12-18, 2020

Museu de Aveiro/Santa Joana – Capela dos Claustros, Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro Criatech

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