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A Sonora, 2021
Raspberry pi, arduino, ldr sensor, ultrasonic sensor, pir sensor.
Programming in reaper.

"A Sonora" is an acoustic sculpture. We listen to a 5 min piece created in collaboration with Mariana Carvalho (BR) and Sellu Herraiz (ES) that reveals a sound-bass that transpass the digestion of the human body. Through three different sensors, we incorporate words, noises, invitations to a physical interaction or we activate a motor with a contact microphone that reveals the internal noise of the machine.

* This work is part of a series called “As Automatas”, in which each sculpture, virtual or real, manifests a different “emotional performance”. There is a formal line common to all the sculptures, as they are positioned on the wall, are activated by the human presence and identify themselves as feminine, which is why their names are preceded by the article “a”.

Collaborators: Mariana Carvalho (BR), Nikolas Gomes (PT) and Sellu Herraiz (ES).

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