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EarthPulse, 2021
Artists: Darya Efrat (IL), Joana Burd (BR) e João Dias-Oliveira (PT)
Technique: Mixed-media Installation


EarthPulse is an immersive environment that invites the public to engage in experiencing vibrations as a corporal and collective reminder that earth is a living organism, one which we inhabit and whose energy and behavior we constantly alter.



With this project, we wish to bring the powerful planetary movement of tectonic plates and their continuous dissemination of energy closer to us, as a way to reflect on risk and instability. The audience steps onto a grass-covered wooden platform, and through sound, bass-vibrations and touch, experiences the earth as a living organism - one which we inhabit and whose energy and behavior we continuously alter.


What instability does the movement of the earth present? How vulnerable are we? 


By reflecting upon the earth’s inherent and continuous movement, Earthpulse portrays a corporal-temporal journey, connecting to the past, and by inviting the public to experience the space in the present - offers a future.

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