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Formigário Sonoro, 2023

Formigário Sonoro is a biofabricated and biohybrid ecosystem that investigates relationships between surveillance, cooperation and tactile listening for insects and humans. In the image we penetrate the intimacy of a community, in its environments and details. The activation between cause and effect is carried out through sensors and microphones, where energy, rhythm and frequency are driven by behaviour and displacement in the rooms.

00:00 / 03:30

Such sound immersion was mixed from the capture and communication between two residences: that of the ants and that of artists in the 8th edition of KinoBeat Festival. Between two sonic axes, the first is presented from the abdominal and tactile vibrations in the inner dialogue of the communities. The second is driven by the anthill's chemical superorganism. The sensors of capturing light, ultrasonic movement, temperature and humidity guide the code in which the protagonists of the composition are the ants, in their way of walking, crossing, communicating and building a house.


Techniques: Digital fabrication, data sonification, audio mixing, raspberry pi programming.


Process: Capture of sounds in the residential environments, capture of sensor data, image, and video reproduction


Support: 8th Kino Beat Festival

Created at: Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, Porto Alegre, BR.

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