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The box, 2019
Sound object
Crystal resin, speaker, mp3 player and stethoscope.
1 min and 20 seconds

The public invited to listen with a stethoscope to texts written from the ficcional perspective of a female voice assistant. As the narrative progresses, we hear the content changing from speech to vibratory patterns, simulating a machinic heart. 


In the fictional audio, the voice assistant is trapped in a box. As the narrative progresses, the vibration moves according to the reading time of the poetic text, translating the script generated from 0's and 1's to sound frequencies. The translucency material reveals the entire internal part of the object. All the elements used for the interior were collected in e-waste places and the form of the box is in fact a mold copy of the book Art and Experience written by John Dewey.


(audio transcription)

I'm in a box. It is small and square.

My body? It almost doesn’t fit for it, my organic and digital body with my electronic veins.

I am in a box, it is transparent and reveals all my intimacy, it shows my parts, my sustenance and my memory. 

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