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"Força i Pell" (Strength and Skin), 2023

This piece emerged from a dynamic interplay between bodies, vibrations, and machines, as two artists interacted with a vibrational sculpture, producing low-frequency resonances amplified by two subwoofers. This immersive experience invites the audience to engage in a fusion of visual and audio-tactile sensations, challenging modes of listening and encouraging them to physically feel the vibrations on their skin as the movements of the performers intertwine.

In the presentation, techniques such as 3D sculpture and machine learning were used to create synthetic and natural voices. The interactive sculpture draws inspiration from the "Las Automatas" series, with its initial prototype acting as the input device. Within this interaction, the object transforms itself into a touch-based sound controller, capable of translating tactile interactions on its surface, including touches and gestures. As the artists move intuitively, the device's ability to transcode code into auditory expressions becomes palpably evident, resulting in a unique and immersive sensory experience.

Untitled design (1).png

About the performers:

Cata Aguayo is a performing artist, teacher, and researcher specializing in trapeze and contemporary dance. She graduated from ESACTO in Toulouse and UNSAM in Buenos Aires, and she is a co-founder of the Franco-Uruguayan company Olga CirqAnalogique. She directs the Aerial Research Laboratory at the Bonita Cooperative in Barcelona and works with various French and Spanish companies as a performer and choreographer.

Juana O. Kippes is a performing artist and movement researcher, specializing in aerial acrobatics, contortion, and dance. She is the founder of her own company, JÅNIKA, an interdisciplinary habitat where her creations blend visual and performing arts. She also works as a performer for other projects and collaborates with artists from various fields. She currently resides in France.

Photographs and videos by Gülçin Bekar.

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