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Solitude Lullaby, 2022

Terra Form collab for the Slow Wave project

During the 40-day SBCAST artist residency in Santa Barbara, California, a 7-minute experiential piece was created together with artist Terra Form for the Slow Wave project. To experience the piece, one enters a dome and sits down in the Slow Wave chair, putting on headphones and a padded eye mask. The piece is divided into three chapters with spoken titles recorded with the voice of a robot (automaton):

00:00 / 07:34

Chapter I  - Farm deep Listening


At the beginning of the journey, the Slow wave chair is programmed to vibrate in patterns produced by several sound bowls. Simultaneously, the sound of the bowls are playing in the headphones.  The sound was spatialized in a binaural way, when moving away or approaching, to the left or to the right, the movement is accompanied by the chair's technology, activating the skin and the spine. That is, with volume and distance strategies an immersive and dreamy space is created. As an introduction to the following chapters, here a certain relaxation may ensue.


Chapter II - Tactile burrowing in my brain


The medium of this segment consists of a repertoire created with more than 15 textures between small recordings and spoken poetry, in which the words are indecipherable. A walk inside our brain in a mixture of particles of sound elements, grains and non-existent substances. Between confusions, false noises of nature and the sea, curiosity is stimulated through the sounds and vibrations that are offered.

Chapter III - Solitude Lullaby


The final part that gives title to the work speaks of affection, care and silence. The recordings of the two artists singing are a wordless reception to an intimate rehearsal. An approximation between the body-woman-mechanism and the body-chair-machine is seen in the way in which one supports the other in this composition. Between pauses for breath and a long silence, a song of pain and love reverberates within the immersion as if everyone who hears it is connected to a great architectural structure.​

* Supporters:

Alan Macy, Dr. North, Ryan McCullough, Terra Form, SBCAST, AGAUR-Catalunya, Universitat de Barcelona.

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