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A Carinhosa, 2021
Mega Arduino, 2 Nema 19 engines, 15 pieces with digital fabrication,  aluminum tubes and 12v source

"A carinhosa” (could be also translated as cuddler) is a sculpture that starts from programmed obsolescence as it is made up of recycled engines and an adaptation of a damaged printer. In addition to its oval shape, it has attached to its body a set of electronics and various parts printed with a 3D printer. As the audience approaches, the sculpture's arms slightly move horizontally, evoking the idea of ​​affection, translated as a mechanical dance in movement. 

* This work is part of a series called “As Autômatas”, in which each sculpture, virtual or real, manifests a different “emotional performance”. There is a formal line common to all the sculptures, as they are positioned on the wall, are activated  by the human presence and identify as feminine, which is why their names are preceded by the article “a” (the).

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