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Tactame, 2022-2021

Colectivo DEL MIG: Blanca Somoza, Helena Gali, Ignasi Padró, Joana Burd Mario Salinero, Neus Martinez Farran and Sara Jansen. Operates from Barcelona, ​​ES.

We live in a hyper-connected world. In a context where technology is in constant contact with our body. Our hands become tools and through them we touch illuminated screens, communicate, love and create connections.


Fingers that point, but that also seek contact and interaction. In a play of lights, the artists present more than 500 hands drawn virtually and printed with additive manufacturing. In different scenes we observe a multiplication of shadows, which can sometimes create a moment of paisa and sensitize our eyes.



About the Tactame project: This project (Tacta'm) is an intervention on the street that has also been adapted as an indoor installation. A reflection that starts from the loss of human contact as a result of the pandemic. An attempt to stimulate curiosity through contact. The ultimate goal is to place sensors in such a way as to encourage this interaction between the hand and passers-by in the city.

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