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  • Portfolio Joana Burd

    Sound Art Installations Art Residencies Vibration Formigario Sonoro, 2023 Biohybrid Buzz, 2022-23 Formigario

  • Formigario Sonoro | joanaburd

    rooms. 00:00 / 03:30 1/1 Such sound immersion was mixed from the capture and communication between two residences Process: Capture of sounds in the residential environments, capture of sensor data, image, and video

  • Força i Pell

    She currently resides in France. ​ Photographs and videos by Gülçin Bekar.

  • Solitude Lullaby | joanaburd

    Solitude Lullaby, 2022 Terra Form collab for the Slow Wave project ​ During the 40-day SBCAST artist residency

  • CV Joana Burd

    Art Residences ​ 2023 - Anthill Residence, 8º Festival Kino Beat, CCMQ, Brazil. 2022 - SBCAST , Santa Barcelona, Spain. 2020 - Aveiro Criatech Artist Residence. Aveiro, Portugal. 2019 - Residência artística, Linha. Aveiro Criatech Artist Residences. Caobelli. 2019 – Video mapping and photo performance “corpObra” with the artist Charlene Bicalho at Art Residency

  • Technological Sensitive | joanaburd

    and experiences Other video Interviews Resultados de busca Technological Sensitive, 2018-2020 Crystal resin The translucent material (crystal resin) admits that there is no intention to hide the threads or any

  • The box | joanaburd

    objects and experiences Other video Interviews Resultados de busca The box, 2019 Sound object Crystal resin

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