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Technological Sensitive, 2018-2020

Crystal resin, stained glass varnish, orange squeezer spring, screws and two mini vibration motors.

35 x 35 x 40 cm


The audience must press their hand against the hand object. Such action compresses a metal spring and makes the object vibrate when connecting its internal circuit. The perception of the vibratory tactility of the created system varies according to the pressure and the size of the contact area.

Collaborators: André Diestel and Carina Macedo.


The impulse of ˜Technological Sensitive˜ is to generate strangeness because it is a familiarly “organic” hand transformed into a machine, translucent and vibratory. In the counterflow of programmed obsolescence, this work reuses components from two mobile phones and an orange squeezer. The translucent material (crystal resin) admits that there is no intention to hide the threads or any machinic demonstration of the sculpture.

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