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  • Solitude Lullaby | joanaburd

    beginning of the journey, the Slow wave chair is programmed to vibrate in patterns produced by several sound Simultaneously, the sound of the bowls are playing in the headphones. The sound was spatialized in a binaural way, when moving away or approaching, to the left or to the right A walk inside our brain in a mixture of particles of sound elements, grains and non-existent substances Between confusions, false noises of nature and the sea, curiosity is stimulated through the sounds and

  • Living Capsules | joanaburd

    Techniques studied: Multisensory experience and performance , data sonification , the landscape of sound , participation takes place in an immersive 3D audio experience that combines data sonification and sound Simultaneously, there is an enveloping surround sound experience with low frequencies, providing a unique Below, you can listen to how the data tables sound like. 5. and b) Is there any way to transform data into sound in a more playful way that facilitates trial and

  • Formigario Sonoro | joanaburd

    rhythm and frequency are driven by behaviour and displacement in the rooms. 00:00 / 03:30 1/1 Such sound Process: Capture of sounds in the residential environments, capture of sensor data, image, and video

  • The box | joanaburd

    Islands The chatterboxes Other objects and experiences Other video Resultados de busca The box, 2019 Sound according to the reading time of the poetic text, translating the script generated from 0's and 1's to sound

  • Silent Mode | joanaburd

    Islands The chatterboxes Other objects and experiences Other video Resultados de busca Silent mode, 2019 sound The sound distribution occurs in the three axes (height, width and depth), from six individual audio In addition to the five channels of spatial distribution of sound, there is also a sixth audio channel In the transcoding of the sound a vocoder is used. Images and sounds transform the artist into silences.

  • Knot in the throat/videomapping | joanaburd

    Variable dimension ​ Knot in the throat is a collective of sculptures that react with visual and sound through a presence sensor, the sculptures behave reacting with humanoid expressions (eyes) and with sound Their submissive, seductive, helpful and available voices that respond our sound signal puts many questions

  • Silent Mode 2.0: Body | joanaburd

    Resultados de busca Silent Mode 2.0: Body, 2021 (version in Castellano) Creation and Direction: Joana Burd Sound

  • Portfolio Joana Burd

    Sound Art Installations Art Residencies Vibration Formigario Sonoro, 2023 Biohybrid Buzz, 2022-23 Formigario

  • File.img.mp3 | joanaburd

    Selected for Rumos Itaú Cultural, Brazil ​ What is image and what is sound when the specifics of each thousands of images present in the HD database, four were selected to be the activation guides for a set of sounds

  • Inside Voice | joanaburd

    The embedded technologies transcode the sound picked up by the microphone and transmit it to the chair In addition, the work has a computer that activates PureData software, making the a bass and slow sound

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