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Inside Voice, 2018

Chair, speakers, led tape, microphone programming in Arduino, PureData and P5.

Variable dimensions.


Inside Voice is an invitation to feel and listen with body through a kinesthetic chair. The embedded technologies transcode the sound picked up by the microphone and transmit it to the chair. To amplify the vibratory aspect the cones were removed from the speakers and we inserted and amplifier and a Arduino between the input (microphone) and output (chair). In addition, the work has a computer that activates PureData software, making the a bass and slow sound. The treble is eliminated and with it any recognition of the words being spoken.


Contributors: André Diestel, Felipe Merker Castellani, Camila Brum, Ilana Bonder and Matheus Schiaffino.

Interaction: Form a pair. While one person speaks into the microphone, the other sits in the transparent chair to feel their vibrations.

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